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Sever Rio


A true work of nature!

Resulting from the project that modernizes the old Pensão Sever, the new Marvão hotel features a trendy, comfortable and very cozy decoration.

The Hotel's location, near the river, set the tone for the thematic development of the interior design project, quite unique - with a concept that groups four essential elements:

  • Flowers:
the hotel's logo and the fabric's patterns result from a survey conducted on location.

  • Water:
the color – turquoise - given to the fabric represents the water in all its glory, in all its magic.

  • Mountain:
the strength and all the symbolism of chamois leather.

  • Hygiene:
the white color of Alentejano, the crystal clear unpolluted representation of hygiene.

The emphasis placed on details and on optimizing areas has allowed the transformation of a unit with very small areas into spacious, comfortable and highly functional environments.


By conducting a highly creative approach - which, via the design of furniture and the strategic combination of materials and colors, has managed to be faithful to the adopted principle:

(-) area for furniture = (+) area for clients (=) > feeling of space

Simples: after all, palaces don't have to be big.